Dealing with depression or stress

It is common to feel a little down or depressed while quitting.

It does get easier with time. Fortunately you can overcome these challenges so you can quit successfully. Be sure to talk with your doctor about your feelings or other changes and about adjusting any medications you may be using.

The deceiving nature of tobacco is that it can seem like stress is being relieved when in actuality it is just reducing withdrawal symptoms and increasing your heart rate leading to more stress. Learn to plan for withdrawal and learn healthy ways to cope like calling or texting a friend, practicing deep breathing or distracting yourself until the feeling passes.

Consider practicing this breathing exercise.

Find a comfortable position as you prepare your body to relax. Consider closing your eyes so you can focus within.

ToolsBelieve you have all you need to accomplish your goals and live the life you truly value.
LungsImagine being completely content to not have to do anything but sit still, just breathe in and out slowly, filling your lungs with clean, healthy, healing air.
CoffeeYou have the ability to learn how to cope with urges and not give in to cravings.
FriendsYou have the willpower, support and resources you need to be successful at quitting.