How to prevent slips

Every quitter must deal with the risk of a slip sooner or later. This section tells you how.

Don't Let Tough Times Take You Back To Smoking

The highest risk times for new quitters are when they're feeling negative emotions including stress and boredom. Be aware and prepare ahead of time so you’re not blind-sided.

Do you have something coming up that you know stresses you out? Think about what other things—aside from smoking— you can do to relieve stress. Jot down a list of things you’ve been doing since you quit that have helped you deal with stress. Keep the list with you so the ideas are there when you need them.

Do you have a boring day ahead of you? Line up some things to do: Start a new book, read a magazine, have some puzzles on hand, get a video to watch, work on a hobby, write a letter.

Don't Be Caught Off Guard

Anything could trigger the urge to smoke, so be prepared ahead of time by having a plan in place to avoid smoking. Remember — the urge to smoke will pass, whether you light up or not.

Recognize high-risk situations — remember H.A.L.T. — and plan ahead for them

Hungry Angry Lonely Tired
Don't skip meals, have healthy snacks on hand. Accept the anger, deal with your feelings and vent them safely. Discuss your feelings with a friend, take a walk, and breathe deeply. Call someone or visit a friend. Take a nap, relax, enjoy a warm bath, pamper yourself.